photo: Andreea Vaidean Photography – Design: Julian Rowlands / Tango Siempre

Tango Encounters is the new tango music and dance show from Tango Siempre, the creators of Tangomotion and Subitango. Tango Encounters is touring in 2022.

Tango is an ecnounter between European, African and South American cultures, between music and movement, and first and foremost, between two people united in a creative act of hearing and interpreting passionate and intense music.

From virtuoso displays of traditional tango dance to the exquisite and powerful Nuevo Tango music of Astor Piazzolla and the contemporary scene, the show Tango Encounters is a breathtaking journey into the heart of these singular encounters that make Tango Argentino – Argentine Tango – the worldwide phenomenon that has captured imaginations for more than a century.

Tango Encounters is a tango music and dance show featuring two, four or six internationally acclaimed tango dancers with live music from Tango Siempre.


“[Tango Siempre’s] playing has the verve and gut-wrenching rhythmic drive associated with the greatest Argentinian bands, and their account of the scores, especially marvels by Astor Piazzolla, has the earthy vitality, the urban chic, so central to tango’s music and steps… here is the tango, raw, intoxicating, speaking with its true voice. For the violinist Ros Stephen, the pianist Jonathan Taylor and their colleagues, much admiration…” – Financial Times

a brilliant fusion of classical, tango, jazz and roots” – The Guardian

“A superb band…”The Telegraph

“The band, the excellent Tango Siempre, play on stage, with taut rhythm and instrumentation.”The Independent (review of Midnight Tango, 2012)

“simply electrifying… major virtuosity shines throughout” – The Scotsman

“intense, epic and beautiful”Independent on Sunday

From our previous hit show Tangomotion: